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Store Manager for OpenCart

Store Manager for OpenCart is a desktop application for quick and efficient OpenCart store management
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10 February 2014

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This is a store manager software for Magneto Pro environment.

Store Manager for OpenCart is a desktop application that helps manage a OpenCart based store management easily and efficiently. Managing of multiple store is possible with this tool. You could switch between different databases within the Store Manager with quick connection switch option. For each of the store this tool will help you add, delete and update products, categories and manufacturers. Editing of product descriptions, categories, manufacturers, viewing of reports, orders, import/export products, backup/restore of database, managing multiple stores, etc. are possible. Products could be assigned to multiple categories. Changing of details of product in bulk and changing of their prices also is possible. It will let you automatically upload product images to add to the product descriptions. The tool will help resize product images automatically. Orders related features include order management, preview of orders and their details, filtering of orders by time of order and saving of order data in Excel and HTML are offered.

This application helps create a range of reports. Sales, adding of and managing customers, tracking customers’ orders are a few of them. Export of a range of data is possible in Excel, XML and HTML formats. These include categories, products, customers, orders, etc. This Store Manager for OpenCart will enhance the functionality of default admin web interface. It adds to the feature set, helps automate tasks and make daily operations simple. The convenience of operating from your very own desktop simply is the icing. There are several add-ons that help QuickBook integration, product catalog integration and eBay integration are some such features provided. This is a very good product. If you are looking for a similar solution, this is a good candidate for a trial in your exact set up.

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Store Manager for OpenCart is a desktop application for quick and efficient OpenCart store management. You can add, delete and update your products, categories and manufacturers, automatically upload your product images while editing products, categories, manufacturers, view reports, orders, export products, backup/restore database, manage multiple stores. All this from your desktop computer.
Store Manager for OpenCart was designed to enhance the functionality of default admin web interface, bring new features, automate routine tasks and simplify everyday operations.
With the help of Store Manager for OpenCart you can create and manage your categories, products, manufacturers; create reports on your sales, add or manage customers, track customers' orders. Also you can export categories, products, customers, orders into the files of .xls, .xml, .html formats.
Store Manager for OpenCart is an handy desktop application in installation and usage. Running it you have to select a few options like: to create shortcut or not, to install plugins and report tool etc. - basically, you need to click next a few times. Thus, it doesn't require any special technical knowledge to run and you can focus on implementing your e-commerce ideas.
Store Manager for OpenCart
Store Manager for OpenCart
Version 1.4
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